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Designer Talks X

Topic :
"Design Process and Beyond"


with :
Wedha Suajaya

Senior Associate, Design

M Moser Associates, Singapore

Wedha has extensive experience in commercial office design. He has undertaken the role of Design Leader on many highly regarded projects, with responsibility for all aspects of the project design. Adopting a very “hands on” approach, he likes to be involved in all stages of the project delivery and enjoys forming long term and trusting relationships with his clients.


Wedha is responsible for the overall design of a corporate interior, managing and directing the team to ensure that the client’s goals are achieved. His particular areas of expertise include space planning, design concept, development and detailed design.


~ M Moser Associates, Singapore

and also with:

Designer Talks 10-moderator.png

Nyi R.A. Putri Anggiandari, HDII.
as Moderator

Designer Talks 10-mc.png

Feysa A.M. Poetry, HDII.
as MC

03 September 2022

Start 10.00 UTC +7

via Zoom Meeting Platform

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