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Designer Talks 11

Topic :
"Unleashing Creative Synergy through Co-Creation”

Basically, collaboration means working together to achieve a common goal, while co-creation emphasizes the involvement of various parties in the creative process to produce unique and valuable outcomes. Collaboration can be part of the co-creation process, but co-creation goes beyond collaboration by actively involving relevant parties and emphasizing equal contribution and value creation from all participants.

This understanding has been adopted as the topic, where speakers will share their creative processes and how they achieve their dreams.

Enjoy the event!


HDII Jabar - Dtalks 11 - Ariya.png

Ariya Sradha, HDII.

Founder & Principal of Tata Wastu Asia

HDII Jabar - Dtalks 11 - Asmudjo.png
HDII Jabar - Dtalks 11 - Tejo.png

Asmudjo Jono Aprianto & Tejo Satmoko

Artist & Artwork Consultant

and also with:

HDII Jabar - Dtalks 11 - Kiki.png

Kiki Zakiah, HDII.
as Moderator

Saturday, 26th August 2023

Start 2 pm UTC +7

The Papandayan Hotel Bandung

Suagi Ballroom

Gatot Subroto 83, Malabar, Bandung 40262 

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  • Anggota Baru HDII Jabar 2023        Gratis

  • Anggota HDII & Mahasiswa             Rp. 50.010,-

  • Umum Non Anggota HDII               Rp. 100.010,-

Until August 24, 2023

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