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Designer's Trip is a field trip organized for design professionals and design enthusiasts, particularly in the fields of Interior Design and Architecture. The activity involves various professional organizations, communities, academics, practitioners, and industries in the Interior Design/Architecture field.


For this Designer's Trip #3 SEOUL!, we're heading to Seoul in South Korea and will visit curated places that cater to our information and experience needs, especially in the field of Design.

5 Days 4 Nights

Price Estimate
Designer's Trip price.png
Price Estimate
Registration Scheme
Designer's Trip Schedule.png
  • *Limited Seat with min. 10 travellers

  • *Passport must valid until 2024

  • ** Travellers must acquire Individual Visa independently

Registration Schemes

Simply, just click Here



"We are not a travel agent, we are just organizing and opening up horizons about design together with you!"

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